Friday, February 25, 2011

"Get Ready for a WILD weekend with NO Commitment!"

Get ready for a Wild Weekend … with no commitment. Yes, that's Streekers slogan. It's cute, fun and very catchy! Almost a catchy as there temporary hair color. Streekers is instant liquid hair color that’s simple to apply and easy to wash out! Streekers was kind to send me two samples of there 'Wild Weekend' line. They sent red and blue. If only, I had blond hair.. This would be fun for the 4th of JULY! Can you say, patriotic?

Ok, so this product's fun. And I had to try this out A.S.A.P. So, my son became my little guinne pig. (See the photo below.) Just playing with the product for a few minutes I knew this was something I'd have to use again and again.

With every product there's a downside. And with Streekers you need to make sure you are wearing gloves while applying the product or your skin will stain. So yes, I am typing 'red handed.' That was funny, wasn't it?

This product would receive five out of five stars! Way to go Streekers!