Friday, February 25, 2011

A drink that can burn 100 calories?

Celsius was kind to send me eight samples of there calorie burning drink which is powered by MetaPlus. They also sent me a few other goodies which included a Berry Flavored drink mixture that allows ease of access for customers on the go. And two dietary supplemental shots.

Celsius is a low calorie, no carb, low sodium, and no preservative energy and weight loss drink. At first, I was really worried about the taste. Surprisingly, the actual drinks were amazing and smooth. And yes, I did get a little 'kick' of energy after drinking them. However, since I only received a limited amount I cannot verify if these actually help aid in the loss of weight. But I will verify that these surely give you energy and you won't 'crash'.

There is a lot more than just caffeine powering Celsius though. The drinks have biotin, niacin, taurine, guarana, and a bunch of other amazing ingredients that give you the extra energy that you desire.

This stuff rocks! If you are looking for a low carb, healthier energy drink you should check out Celsius. The company definitely deserves five out five stars!